In life sometimes, we feel that some event happens, It happens for a good cause. This was one of the hell-out of experience which I will surely remember till the last breath of my life.

In the year 2006, I was studying in 5th grade and after completion my annual exams, my mom and dad planned a trip to Mussoorie. Now, Mussoorie is a hill station and a municipal board in the Dehradun District of the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand. Ever since I was a Child, I dreamed about traveling. Strange lands, exciting places, and new cultures have always fascinated me.

Lastly my summer vacation began. On 13th April 2006 we boarded the train and started our journey towards Delhi. Now for me a Train journey has always been full of excitement and I always beloved the train journey hoping inside the train and grabbing the Upper birth. Next day we safely reached Delhi. In Delhi, we decided to have a halt and explore some places and Chillaxed for a day. On 15th April, we boarded the bus and my blissful and fascinating journey towards Mussoorie was finally started. As we were heading towards Mussoorie the climate was pleasant, Clear and I could feel the smokes of cloud passing within the forests and Mountains ranges, The tangibility of essence of beautiful atmosphere, Fragrance of glittery flowers made me rejuvenated & cherished. After a journey of 5 hours we reached Mussoorie. On the current day we checked in the hotel and we just took a day off.

On the next day we planned for a sight-seeing and the 1st place we visited was the kempti falls, there was a humongous water fall and the force of the water was tremendous and the beauty of it was just Above the Horizon. Suddenly, A rainbow appeared and after seeing it my situation was like I am in heaven. After spending 15-20 min and clicking some photographs we grabbed some hot-corns and simultaneously got acclimatized with the climate.

Then we made our way towards our next spot, And it turned out to be the Rope-way / Cable-car. And, this was one of the finest place I figured out in this trip. Now, there were 2 huge mountains and the Rope-way would carry us from 1 mountain to the other peak of the Mountain. There was a huge table-land situated on the next Mountain and from there I could see a clear picture of Himalaya Ranges and it was just a Breath-taking moment.

We got our tickets and entered the Cable-Car. Within a span of second the Cable-car started moving and I was really very frightened & tensed to view the deep valley between the 2 mountains which was beneath of our cable car and our guide mentioned that the valley is measured around 5000ft from the surface and after listening to that statement I was thrilled. Gradually, we made our way towards the next mountain going through the cool breeze filled within the clouds which were gazing in front of my eyes A(WOW)Moment. As we approached to the other mountain I released myself, it was a kind of a life changing moment, surrounded with the ranges of the Himalaya and after seeing that I just thought it’s a ticket to heaven.

After spending half of the day around 3.30pm, we returned to our original spot, and decided we’ll take a walkway towards the market area, On the other side the temperature started declining, and I busy eating the Cotton-Candy, and re-collecting all the moments and I had at the top.

Without any hesitance, I just asked my mom isn’t our experience was mesmerizing & beautiful, therefore,

“No reply, I figured out from her side.”

And, I just wondered my mom and dad weren’t there. I was LOST. Within a fraction of seconds, I was misplaced from my mom and dad. The situation was unbelievable for me. I didn’t know what to do, Strangers looking at me and with that kind of gestures, I started Crying…Tears rolling down my eyes… I tried to keep myself calm and patient and there I saw a huge rock in front of me, I sat on the rock with a full-stop in my mind. Then I remembered one thing my dad always used to tell me, A Strong man with a brave heart Never gives up.

Without wasting a minute, For nearly 10-15 Minutes, I started running around the corners to find my Parents, but I Couldn’t find them, After a span of time I heard someone was screaming my name “Chinmay, Chinmayy, Chinmayyy”…And that was my mom, the drops of a tear led me to just speed-up and run towards my mom & dad and gave them a huge hug, and that moment literally changed my life, Luckily with the gods grace I was found… After that I never left my Mom’s & dad’s hand, as it has been an Unforgettable memory & Journey for me throughout my life…Even today as I end my chapter here, I have already got Goose-bumps…

But on that day, I learned one thing, In life No matter What, No matter Who, No matter what are the Consequences, always believe in yourself and have the potential to take any challenge as its your first one….




Dreams To Reality

Yes, yes, bingo finally I made it. Hey, Chinmay what’s happen to you, “said Marc”, You know Marc, Today Is an ecstatic moment for me. Let me guess, “Have you cracked a good deal?”, surprisingly Marc questioned me?

Alright, the thing is today I have reached within the time bound to the office. Therefore, there’s no one who can point out on me and questioned me that ‘Hey, you are late, I answered blissfully’. Today the situation for me is kind of a dream come true. I am feeling so gratified and captivated.

‘Wake up Chinmay, Quickly get up…It’s already 10.00 Am…Ooh my gosh… “Ouch”, and I crumbled from my bed, not again It was a dream… And I realized today again I am going to be late towards my workplace.

Each and Every person in this universe has staunch day-dreaming or might have witnessed a dream in their life. Now a dream can be in relation to your Goals, Aspirations, devotions, Meeting & greeting some extra ordinary personalities it may be your Role-models, Actor / actress, Motivational speakers, Sports personalities whom you admire unconditionally. Because in the dream world you could do anything, which you may or may not enact in Reality. Surprisingly, Due to that assurance I started Dreaming ladies & Gentlemen.

In the year 1995, I arrived into this Humongous, Marvelous and antagonistic world. In my childhood, I used to contemplate on 4 most powerful words which are, “Eat Sleep Dream Repeat”.  Now these words made me realized, that whenever I used to notify modern things, visit new places & when I used to meet & greet new people from across boundaries, And I was fortuitous enough to have a chance to associate with them, disseminate with them and I used to share my moments with those people. Thus, till the present day, whenever something offbeat or a prolific thing has happened in my life I had the ability to examine it and make a change out of it.

When I was in 5th Grade a History lecture was going on and, here I was, paying full attention constantly looking outside from the classroom window, and neither what the class-teacher was teaching. Middle of nowhere, An Aircraft was passing above the building that grabbed my attention.  After few seconds, A piece of chalk furiously clashed on my right chick, “Where’s your attention, Exclaimed by the teacher”.

I Abrupted, “Mam, my attention was on the blackboard”.

She approached towards my bench,

Son, “what’s your dream in your life?

“Mam, I want to be a Pilot”

Now take a step back, and think from where this thought pop-up, A boy sitting in a classroom looking at the aircraft, On that present moment, I made a dream how it would be, If I be a pilot. Though the destiny brought me to pursue an MBA degree. And, today I could figure out a huge difference among them.  A Dream & A Reality.

Gradually, I progressed in my grades and the time arrived to fought my first Battlefield, The 10th Grade. A crucial year for most of us. I had a dream that I will pass out my 10th Grade with flying colors. As the results were out the colors were not flying they flew away. Now, I didn’t reflect myself in the distinction, Nevertheless, the percentage which I scored was appreciable and predictable.

It was a time to invade myself into the college life. College life for me was like a FAX machine. It was flexible, loads of Aspirations hidden in it and the X-Factor, Whenever I used to spot a Beautiful girl in front of me my situation was allied to “LOVE at First Sight” but as I observed what’s happening in realty it turned out be “Divorce at First Fight”. I created a lot of dreams, 40% of it I conquered and remaining 60 I failed in it.) Why because I was in dreams…

The judgement day arrived where I had to face the real world. I started working for an organization, where I got a placement from college itself and simultaneously, I was studying for my higher studies. Thereafter, A creepy thing started happening with me, while I used to study, Doing a new stuff and even at the work place. And Unfortunately, I became a victim of a rock bottom, wherever I went got smashed with a Rock bottom.

Further, I started losing my track, my performance at the work place was declining, it started affecting my confidence level.  Many negative thoughts revolving around my mind. And, I was Fed-Up. One day at the work place an unknown person walks up to me and questioned “why are you so stressed”? I don’t know. Are you still in your dreams. That statement hooked me up and I replied, how do you know that? He said, I can read your face. And then he gave a life-changing lesson,

My friend this is a correct time to move back to reality. Reality is based on beliefs and values, Reality is the thing that you can easily touch, see, hear, taste, and smell. Well may not taste & smell but you can catch my drift. The most important principle in the reality is Never Lose sight of your Fantasy, Reality is the starting point in the game of life and fantasy is its finishing line. Fantasies make life worth living because they give us a hope that we can affect the things around us that we can change. Our actions do have consequences the smallest of which can have a huge impact on it. Because How strange is this journey, if you just think Each one of us is so unaware, where he is destined to go of what the future holds for each on us.

I won’t say that you shouldn’t have dreams you should, on the other hand see to it that do you have capability & Credibility to accomplish it. And if your inner soul answers, “YES”, then surely go for it and be the change. Today as I complete this chapter, Each and every-day, I proudly say to myself that “YES, I… Am the Change…”

  • Thank You

A Moment to Never Forget

Hello everyone, how are you guys are doing? My name is Chinmay Patil and I am going to narrate on one of my “Memorable / Unforgettable Moment”, Which I experienced in my life. So, before starting into my journey, I would like to know, how many of you had an unforgettable or memorable experience in your life?  (You can simply comment down below in the comment section regarding your memorable moment in 1 liner.).

So, guys Sit back, fasten your seat-belts, grab some popcorn and enjoy the tour to one of my enduring moment.

In the year 2010, I was studying in my 10th grade & after completing my final exams of 10th grade, we planned to visit Dubai. Now, most of us must be aware that the weekend in Dubai is Friday – Saturday.  On one fine day, it was a normal sunny Friday morning, my mom and dad asked me, Hey Chinmay, we are planning to go somewhere would you like to join us?

As it was a weekend, So I casually replied Yeah, I’ll join you. Though I had the curiosity to know where are they going?  I simply asked my dad what’s the plan. Within, a span of seconds he replied let us get ready, otherwise will be late. At that moment, I thought he must taking me to some movie.  It was 2pm, and here we were ready to move and thus again I tried to ask him that please tell me where are we going? But the answer came bit of abruptly.

Then we came downstairs sat in the car, Oh! Wait a second, being a car addict, I can’t stop myself to introduce this car. It was a Mazda 3 series. This car taught me 3 things in my life, always be Cool & calm from inside, be magnificent from exterior and be Smooth & consistent in your working style.

Finally, our journey began, I was sitting at the back concentrating and thinking only about one thing that where we are going. After 5-10 min traveling in the car we reached at the destination and it was the Dubai mall. We parked our car and made our way towards the mall. From there, the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa was clearly visible. I looked at that sky-Crapper and said to myself I would love to see that building from inside.

As we were busy walking in the mall in between my dad just told me “hey Chinmay,   can close your eyes for a minute, I asked him why what happened”… He replied, I want to show you a good sports car. I responded, alright let’s go, after walking for a while we stopped.

Then with a low voice he whispered into my ears it’s time to open your eyes. I suddenly blinked my eyes and the first thing I saw in front of me, There, was a line written in bold letters, “Entrance to the Burj Khalifa on 124th floor”. Like an innocent boy, I asked him are we going inside the building… As he was standing like a cool gentleman he silently replied Yes… After listening that I was stunned and my situation was like a dream come true and I was so happy and thankful to parents about the surprise that they gave me, because just before sometime, I was thinking about it and now it’s a reality.

We made our way towards the building, as soon as we entered there was a medium size straight lane with black flooring marbles and at right hand side there was were small structures of the building which displayed initial stages of construction. One of their staff member handsomely explained us the crisp of Burj Khalifa in an articulated way, How the project of the building was designed how it was planned by their enormous architecture and Engineering.

On top of the lift it was written AT THE TOP BURJ KHALIFA 124th floor after reading that many questions were arising in my mind.  As there was a group of Russians of many more tourist with us, who came to visit the amazing Burj Khalifa. The doors of lift suddenly opened and there was an Arab gentlemen who welcomed all of us to the Burj Khalifa. We all got into the lift after 3-4 sec lift doors were closed. The lift was stable for 1 min. Then suddenly the lift took up the speed and was going up at the indicator of the lift it started highlighting the no. of floors 1,2,3,4,5, the lift was moving so fast within 15 secs we reached to the 124th floor. And then a voice of an operator appeared from the lift “Welcome to the 124th floor AT THE TOP BURJ KHALIFA”.

As the doors were opened there was a bright sunlight gazing in the lobby and at the left side there were some digital binoculars through which we can see to a certain distance Max (30 Km). After seeing the scenario there I felt that I am in a promised land. My intuition contrived me to say, “I am KING of the World.” The palm Jumeriah was clearly visible which is in a palm tree shape. The smoke of clouds was passing in front of our eyes. I was easily able to feel the pleasant air and the silent environment present there. The cars moving down were really looking alike toy cars.

Mesmerizing beauty from 124th floor

Picture 051

Picture 031

After spending half an hour at the top, we made our way downstairs, on that day, I was so Cherished, Ecstatic and Delightful and from my bottom of my heart, I thanked my mom and dad for making a normal day such an outstanding and wonderful day for me. And I have an aspiration in my life that I will undeniably have the prestige to purchase an apartment in BURJ KHALIFA and grant it to my Mom & Dad…

Never Give Up

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Today I am gonna narrate you a story, A story consists of a boy, Who has a habit to never give up. Let me start by giving the introduction of this electrifying boy.  He was born on Jan 10 1995 and came into this wonderful and a competitive world. When he was in his childhood he was very shy and used to talk less but always keeping a beautiful smile on his face. Therefore, he had a good habit that he used to NEVER GIVE UP. When he became a teenager a level of self-confidence and a realistic style came into him. But this boy also had a habit of losing. Whenever he used to take part in some competitions, Quiz, related to his college, school or any other outside events he used to lose. But he never turned his back on losing. When he was in his college years he took part in a competition which was known as Interview Challenge.

Now, there were total 4 rounds involved in interview challenge. He accurately succeeded in the 1-3 rounds and at the final rounds he lost. When he went in the 2nd year he again participated in the same event he cleared 1-3 rounds and again he lost in the final round. At that moment, He was so shocked and he just said to himself what’s happening with me and with a nervous mood he went home. Finally, He came to last year of his graduation. In this year, Luckily he got the opportunity to participate in the same event. And this time he made his mind truly optimistic. That he will win the interview challenge. The 1-3 rounds were common to him so he easily cleared it.

And now he came to the final round, The final chance to succeed in this round in his life. When the round was going on he was truly confident and calm according to his skills and personality. When the result was announced he acquired the 1st position in that event. At that moment, He just realized that it was a lifetime achievement award to him. Because this boy had only one thing to say that No matter What, No matter Who, No matter what are the consequences he just wont give up. This attitude made him more self-reliant, Charming and well informed.

Therefore, keeping such a type of attitude in his mind and the 3 major words which he always follows in his day-to-day life are Hustle, Loyalty and Respect to others. Today at present moment he has achieved  success and acquiring more and more upcoming achievements in his further life.  He has been inspired by a most famous personalities in his life. ie.) Dwayne Johnson , Now, each & every time he comes with his great Charisma & excited to share the spirit to NEVER GIVE UP in life & has the aura to motivate the boy, That when you don’t give up you actually build the ability to conquer your goals. And therefore you can proudly say to yourself that the Champppp is hereee.

Thus, each one of you must be wondering who is the boy I am talking about. So allow me Re-introduce you to the boy. He is Raising, defending, Undisputed the determined guy who’s always trying to give his best  to overcome his failures, And he is none other than the guy who had the capability & Credibility to narrate his own story I, Me & Myself…