Never Give Up

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Today I am gonna narrate you a story, A story consists of a boy, Who has a habit to never give up. Let me start by giving the introduction of this electrifying boy.  He was born on Jan 10 1995 and came into this wonderful and a competitive world. When he was in his childhood he was very shy and used to talk less but always keeping a beautiful smile on his face. Therefore, he had a good habit that he used to NEVER GIVE UP. When he became a teenager a level of self-confidence and a realistic style came into him. But this boy also had a habit of losing. Whenever he used to take part in some competitions, Quiz, related to his college, school or any other outside events he used to lose. But he never turned his back on losing. When he was in his college years he took part in a competition which was known as Interview Challenge.

Now, there were total 4 rounds involved in interview challenge. He accurately succeeded in the 1-3 rounds and at the final rounds he lost. When he went in the 2nd year he again participated in the same event he cleared 1-3 rounds and again he lost in the final round. At that moment, He was so shocked and he just said to himself what’s happening with me and with a nervous mood he went home. Finally, He came to last year of his graduation. In this year, Luckily he got the opportunity to participate in the same event. And this time he made his mind truly optimistic. That he will win the interview challenge. The 1-3 rounds were common to him so he easily cleared it.

And now he came to the final round, The final chance to succeed in this round in his life. When the round was going on he was truly confident and calm according to his skills and personality. When the result was announced he acquired the 1st position in that event. At that moment, He just realized that it was a lifetime achievement award to him. Because this boy had only one thing to say that No matter What, No matter Who, No matter what are the consequences he just wont give up. This attitude made him more self-reliant, Charming and well informed.

Therefore, keeping such a type of attitude in his mind and the 3 major words which he always follows in his day-to-day life are Hustle, Loyalty and Respect to others. Today at present moment he has achieved  success and acquiring more and more upcoming achievements in his further life.  He has been inspired by a most famous personalities in his life. ie.) Dwayne Johnson , Now, each & every time he comes with his great Charisma & excited to share the spirit to NEVER GIVE UP in life & has the aura to motivate the boy, That when you don’t give up you actually build the ability to conquer your goals. And therefore you can proudly say to yourself that the Champppp is hereee.

Thus, each one of you must be wondering who is the boy I am talking about. So allow me Re-introduce you to the boy. He is Raising, defending, Undisputed the determined guy who’s always trying to give his best  to overcome his failures, And he is none other than the guy who had the capability & Credibility to narrate his own story I, Me & Myself…

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