A Moment to Never Forget

Hello everyone, how are you guys are doing? My name is Chinmay Patil and I am going to narrate on one of my “Memorable / Unforgettable Moment”, Which I experienced in my life. So, before starting into my journey, I would like to know, how many of you had an unforgettable or memorable experience in your life?  (You can simply comment down below in the comment section regarding your memorable moment in 1 liner.).

So, guys Sit back, fasten your seat-belts, grab some popcorn and enjoy the tour to one of my enduring moment.

In the year 2010, I was studying in my 10th grade & after completing my final exams of 10th grade, we planned to visit Dubai. Now, most of us must be aware that the weekend in Dubai is Friday – Saturday.  On one fine day, it was a normal sunny Friday morning, my mom and dad asked me, Hey Chinmay, we are planning to go somewhere would you like to join us?

As it was a weekend, So I casually replied Yeah, I’ll join you. Though I had the curiosity to know where are they going?  I simply asked my dad what’s the plan. Within, a span of seconds he replied let us get ready, otherwise will be late. At that moment, I thought he must taking me to some movie.  It was 2pm, and here we were ready to move and thus again I tried to ask him that please tell me where are we going? But the answer came bit of abruptly.

Then we came downstairs sat in the car, Oh! Wait a second, being a car addict, I can’t stop myself to introduce this car. It was a Mazda 3 series. This car taught me 3 things in my life, always be Cool & calm from inside, be magnificent from exterior and be Smooth & consistent in your working style.

Finally, our journey began, I was sitting at the back concentrating and thinking only about one thing that where we are going. After 5-10 min traveling in the car we reached at the destination and it was the Dubai mall. We parked our car and made our way towards the mall. From there, the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa was clearly visible. I looked at that sky-Crapper and said to myself I would love to see that building from inside.

As we were busy walking in the mall in between my dad just told me “hey Chinmay,   can close your eyes for a minute, I asked him why what happened”… He replied, I want to show you a good sports car. I responded, alright let’s go, after walking for a while we stopped.

Then with a low voice he whispered into my ears it’s time to open your eyes. I suddenly blinked my eyes and the first thing I saw in front of me, There, was a line written in bold letters, “Entrance to the Burj Khalifa on 124th floor”. Like an innocent boy, I asked him are we going inside the building… As he was standing like a cool gentleman he silently replied Yes… After listening that I was stunned and my situation was like a dream come true and I was so happy and thankful to parents about the surprise that they gave me, because just before sometime, I was thinking about it and now it’s a reality.

We made our way towards the building, as soon as we entered there was a medium size straight lane with black flooring marbles and at right hand side there was were small structures of the building which displayed initial stages of construction. One of their staff member handsomely explained us the crisp of Burj Khalifa in an articulated way, How the project of the building was designed how it was planned by their enormous architecture and Engineering.

On top of the lift it was written AT THE TOP BURJ KHALIFA 124th floor after reading that many questions were arising in my mind.  As there was a group of Russians of many more tourist with us, who came to visit the amazing Burj Khalifa. The doors of lift suddenly opened and there was an Arab gentlemen who welcomed all of us to the Burj Khalifa. We all got into the lift after 3-4 sec lift doors were closed. The lift was stable for 1 min. Then suddenly the lift took up the speed and was going up at the indicator of the lift it started highlighting the no. of floors 1,2,3,4,5, the lift was moving so fast within 15 secs we reached to the 124th floor. And then a voice of an operator appeared from the lift “Welcome to the 124th floor AT THE TOP BURJ KHALIFA”.

As the doors were opened there was a bright sunlight gazing in the lobby and at the left side there were some digital binoculars through which we can see to a certain distance Max (30 Km). After seeing the scenario there I felt that I am in a promised land. My intuition contrived me to say, “I am KING of the World.” The palm Jumeriah was clearly visible which is in a palm tree shape. The smoke of clouds was passing in front of our eyes. I was easily able to feel the pleasant air and the silent environment present there. The cars moving down were really looking alike toy cars.

Mesmerizing beauty from 124th floor

Picture 051

Picture 031

After spending half an hour at the top, we made our way downstairs, on that day, I was so Cherished, Ecstatic and Delightful and from my bottom of my heart, I thanked my mom and dad for making a normal day such an outstanding and wonderful day for me. And I have an aspiration in my life that I will undeniably have the prestige to purchase an apartment in BURJ KHALIFA and grant it to my Mom & Dad…