Dreams To Reality

Yes, yes, bingo finally I made it. Hey, Chinmay what’s happen to you, “said Marc”, You know Marc, Today Is an ecstatic moment for me. Let me guess, “Have you cracked a good deal?”, surprisingly Marc questioned me?

Alright, the thing is today I have reached within the time bound to the office. Therefore, there’s no one who can point out on me and questioned me that ‘Hey, you are late, I answered blissfully’. Today the situation for me is kind of a dream come true. I am feeling so gratified and captivated.

‘Wake up Chinmay, Quickly get up…It’s already 10.00 Am…Ooh my gosh… “Ouch”, and I crumbled from my bed, not again It was a dream… And I realized today again I am going to be late towards my workplace.

Each and Every person in this universe has staunch day-dreaming or might have witnessed a dream in their life. Now a dream can be in relation to your Goals, Aspirations, devotions, Meeting & greeting some extra ordinary personalities it may be your Role-models, Actor / actress, Motivational speakers, Sports personalities whom you admire unconditionally. Because in the dream world you could do anything, which you may or may not enact in Reality. Surprisingly, Due to that assurance I started Dreaming ladies & Gentlemen.

In the year 1995, I arrived into this Humongous, Marvelous and antagonistic world. In my childhood, I used to contemplate on 4 most powerful words which are, “Eat Sleep Dream Repeat”.  Now these words made me realized, that whenever I used to notify modern things, visit new places & when I used to meet & greet new people from across boundaries, And I was fortuitous enough to have a chance to associate with them, disseminate with them and I used to share my moments with those people. Thus, till the present day, whenever something offbeat or a prolific thing has happened in my life I had the ability to examine it and make a change out of it.

When I was in 5th Grade a History lecture was going on and, here I was, paying full attention constantly looking outside from the classroom window, and neither what the class-teacher was teaching. Middle of nowhere, An Aircraft was passing above the building that grabbed my attention.  After few seconds, A piece of chalk furiously clashed on my right chick, “Where’s your attention, Exclaimed by the teacher”.

I Abrupted, “Mam, my attention was on the blackboard”.

She approached towards my bench,

Son, “what’s your dream in your life?

“Mam, I want to be a Pilot”

Now take a step back, and think from where this thought pop-up, A boy sitting in a classroom looking at the aircraft, On that present moment, I made a dream how it would be, If I be a pilot. Though the destiny brought me to pursue an MBA degree. And, today I could figure out a huge difference among them.  A Dream & A Reality.

Gradually, I progressed in my grades and the time arrived to fought my first Battlefield, The 10th Grade. A crucial year for most of us. I had a dream that I will pass out my 10th Grade with flying colors. As the results were out the colors were not flying they flew away. Now, I didn’t reflect myself in the distinction, Nevertheless, the percentage which I scored was appreciable and predictable.

It was a time to invade myself into the college life. College life for me was like a FAX machine. It was flexible, loads of Aspirations hidden in it and the X-Factor, Whenever I used to spot a Beautiful girl in front of me my situation was allied to “LOVE at First Sight” but as I observed what’s happening in realty it turned out be “Divorce at First Fight”. I created a lot of dreams, 40% of it I conquered and remaining 60 I failed in it.) Why because I was in dreams…

The judgement day arrived where I had to face the real world. I started working for an organization, where I got a placement from college itself and simultaneously, I was studying for my higher studies. Thereafter, A creepy thing started happening with me, while I used to study, Doing a new stuff and even at the work place. And Unfortunately, I became a victim of a rock bottom, wherever I went got smashed with a Rock bottom.

Further, I started losing my track, my performance at the work place was declining, it started affecting my confidence level.  Many negative thoughts revolving around my mind. And, I was Fed-Up. One day at the work place an unknown person walks up to me and questioned “why are you so stressed”? I don’t know. Are you still in your dreams. That statement hooked me up and I replied, how do you know that? He said, I can read your face. And then he gave a life-changing lesson,

My friend this is a correct time to move back to reality. Reality is based on beliefs and values, Reality is the thing that you can easily touch, see, hear, taste, and smell. Well may not taste & smell but you can catch my drift. The most important principle in the reality is Never Lose sight of your Fantasy, Reality is the starting point in the game of life and fantasy is its finishing line. Fantasies make life worth living because they give us a hope that we can affect the things around us that we can change. Our actions do have consequences the smallest of which can have a huge impact on it. Because How strange is this journey, if you just think Each one of us is so unaware, where he is destined to go of what the future holds for each on us.

I won’t say that you shouldn’t have dreams you should, on the other hand see to it that do you have capability & Credibility to accomplish it. And if your inner soul answers, “YES”, then surely go for it and be the change. Today as I complete this chapter, Each and every-day, I proudly say to myself that “YES, I… Am the Change…”

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