In life sometimes, we feel that some event happens, It happens for a good cause. This was one of the hell-out of experience which I will surely remember till the last breath of my life.

In the year 2006, I was studying in 5th grade and after completion my annual exams, my mom and dad planned a trip to Mussoorie. Now, Mussoorie is a hill station and a municipal board in the Dehradun District of the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand. Ever since I was a Child, I dreamed about traveling. Strange lands, exciting places, and new cultures have always fascinated me.

Lastly my summer vacation began. On 13th April 2006 we boarded the train and started our journey towards Delhi. Now for me a Train journey has always been full of excitement and I always beloved the train journey hoping inside the train and grabbing the Upper birth. Next day we safely reached Delhi. In Delhi, we decided to have a halt and explore some places and Chillaxed for a day. On 15th April, we boarded the bus and my blissful and fascinating journey towards Mussoorie was finally started. As we were heading towards Mussoorie the climate was pleasant, Clear and I could feel the smokes of cloud passing within the forests and Mountains ranges, The tangibility of essence of beautiful atmosphere, Fragrance of glittery flowers made me rejuvenated & cherished. After a journey of 5 hours we reached Mussoorie. On the current day we checked in the hotel and we just took a day off.

On the next day we planned for a sight-seeing and the 1st place we visited was the kempti falls, there was a humongous water fall and the force of the water was tremendous and the beauty of it was just Above the Horizon. Suddenly, A rainbow appeared and after seeing it my situation was like I am in heaven. After spending 15-20 min and clicking some photographs we grabbed some hot-corns and simultaneously got acclimatized with the climate.

Then we made our way towards our next spot, And it turned out to be the Rope-way / Cable-car. And, this was one of the finest place I figured out in this trip. Now, there were 2 huge mountains and the Rope-way would carry us from 1 mountain to the other peak of the Mountain. There was a huge table-land situated on the next Mountain and from there I could see a clear picture of Himalaya Ranges and it was just a Breath-taking moment.

We got our tickets and entered the Cable-Car. Within a span of second the Cable-car started moving and I was really very frightened & tensed to view the deep valley between the 2 mountains which was beneath of our cable car and our guide mentioned that the valley is measured around 5000ft from the surface and after listening to that statement I was thrilled. Gradually, we made our way towards the next mountain going through the cool breeze filled within the clouds which were gazing in front of my eyes A(WOW)Moment. As we approached to the other mountain I released myself, it was a kind of a life changing moment, surrounded with the ranges of the Himalaya and after seeing that I just thought it’s a ticket to heaven.

After spending half of the day around 3.30pm, we returned to our original spot, and decided we’ll take a walkway towards the market area, On the other side the temperature started declining, and I busy eating the Cotton-Candy, and re-collecting all the moments and I had at the top.

Without any hesitance, I just asked my mom isn’t our experience was mesmerizing & beautiful, therefore,

“No reply, I figured out from her side.”

And, I just wondered my mom and dad weren’t there. I was LOST. Within a fraction of seconds, I was misplaced from my mom and dad. The situation was unbelievable for me. I didn’t know what to do, Strangers looking at me and with that kind of gestures, I started Crying…Tears rolling down my eyes… I tried to keep myself calm and patient and there I saw a huge rock in front of me, I sat on the rock with a full-stop in my mind. Then I remembered one thing my dad always used to tell me, A Strong man with a brave heart Never gives up.

Without wasting a minute, For nearly 10-15 Minutes, I started running around the corners to find my Parents, but I Couldn’t find them, After a span of time I heard someone was screaming my name “Chinmay, Chinmayy, Chinmayyy”…And that was my mom, the drops of a tear led me to just speed-up and run towards my mom & dad and gave them a huge hug, and that moment literally changed my life, Luckily with the gods grace I was found… After that I never left my Mom’s & dad’s hand, as it has been an Unforgettable memory & Journey for me throughout my life…Even today as I end my chapter here, I have already got Goose-bumps…

But on that day, I learned one thing, In life No matter What, No matter Who, No matter what are the Consequences, always believe in yourself and have the potential to take any challenge as its your first one….



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